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Chronic Illness and Wellness

Since there is a strong link between childhood trauma and adult illness (the book Childhood Disrupted is an excellent work on the topic), many people who have suffered childhood or extensive adult trauma suffer from conditions such as obesity or chronic or multiple illnesses. In my experience as a clinician, these issues overlap and mingle with one another. Chronic illness is traumatic in terms of the often unpleasant experiences of dealing with the medical system, medical procedures, the frustration of not having clear answers or effective treatments, and the challenges to living everyday life when you don't feel good. Obviously it is not enough to treat "only" mental health or emotional concerns in order for a person's life to change for the better. And there are some things that are simply out of our control no matter how hard we try.

When you have health challenges, you often have a narrower band for error when it comes to things like diet, sleep, and overall self care. You may also become frustrated by the loneliness and by the well-meaning but tone-deaf efforts of people in your life to support you in the ways that you feel you truly need. It can be hard to educate people about what you really need when you are already having a hard time taking care of yourself.

Contact me if you're interested in exploring what these issues mean for you. I'm happy to help.

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