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Fitness, Wellness, And Health

I write this page with a deep gratitude for being able to write a page about fitness, wellness, and health in the first place. The gratitude comes from the fact that I am a chronically ill person who, through following a path of fitness and wellness, have been able to manage my condition to the point that I can run my own business, work full days, and help others who struggle with these complex issues. This didn't happen in a day. It was a long and winding road that took many components, some of which I practice today, some of which came from other highly competent practitioners. I'm deeply grateful to be in the space I am today and to the help and healing that has come to me.

Since there is a strong link between childhood trauma and adult illness (the book Childhood Disrupted is an excellent work on the topic), many people who have suffered childhood or extensive adult trauma suffer from conditions such as obesity or chronic or multiple illnesses. In my experience as a clinician, these issues overlap and mingle with one another. Chronic illness is traumatic. Obesity is much like chronic illness in terms of what people suffer from: shame, restrictions to their activity and social life, social shaming and lack of support. Obviously it is not enough to treat "only" mental health or emotional concerns in order for a person's life to change for the better. And there are some things that are simply out of our control no matter how hard we try.

As someone who is chronically ill who manages to attain a fair standard of health, what I have learned is that I have to do all the things: eat right, move and exercise, reduce stress, treat traumatic symptoms, all of it sustainably so that it can be maintained for weeks, months, and years. As of summer 2016, I am starting to more deeply investigate the ways in which I can work with people to help them find ways to support their desire for fitness, wellness, and health. I'm also actively investigating making collaborative relationships with diet and nutrition and fitness experts who can help my clients do things like form sustainable eating and exercise plans. I do the emotional/trauma healing and work part; they do the nuts and bolts planning and execution part--that's my dream. 

Contact me if you're interested in exploring what these issues mean for you and your future. I'm happy to help.

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