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Connection and Relationships

Relationships. For sure it's one of the biggest things people talk about in counseling. We're social animals. Our relationships, or the lack of them, or figuring out where we are within the broad spectrum of how they happen: it's very important to us. It matters.

I help clients with a variety of relationship topics and challenges, including but not limited to:

Online dating

Monogamy vs. polyamory - both can work, but they're different animals

Casual dating vs. seeking commitment and a partner

Explorations into the world of kink - it's important to do this safely and to be able to pick good environments and people to be around

How to pick "a good one"

How to be "a good one"

How to keep your courage up when seeking the one (or ones!)

Whether or not romance is even something you're interested in - not everyone is!

That's a partial list. There's more and I imagine there's more I haven't even thought of that will come up. Let me know if you need my help.

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