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The Kalahari San - The Elders

Weaver bird nests from Makuri region of Nyae Nyae Conservancy, home of the Ju'hoansi San, July 2018.

In June and July of 2018 I had the enormous honor of spending time in Namibia, Africa, with two elders of the San people: Kunta/ Boo and G'ao, elders and indigenous healers of the Ju'hoansi San. 

I went to Namibia with Megan Biesele of the Kalahari People's Fund in order to learn about the healing dance of the San people. I went both as dancer and as healer. I wanted to do two things: meet the First People from whom all of us are descended to learn about humanity as a whole, and to learn about the healing dance, which is the core of how healing is done and has been done for thousands of years.

Namibia, and being with the San, is an experience I have not yet found words to describe. I will add more to this page as my understanding develops. I will say that I did learn enough about the healing dance to have a first approximation of how it works and how to perhaps form one that can work for us in our culture. I hope to begin a healing dance "lab" in 2019 to try out these ideas. Watch this page for more.

Here are photos of my two teachers. So much love to them and so much gratitude for their laughter, warmth, perceptiveness, and deep humanity that reminded me of the good that lies inside of all of us.

Kunta/Boo, the Big Elder healer and dancer.

G'ao, master dancer and healer.

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